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Buster 50 Concentrate


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Buster50 is a combination of Salt X  and a general purpose cleaning detergent. Designed to not only protect your assets form corrosion but to clean off oil, dirt and grime in the same process.

Most detergents have salt in their ingredients. Buster50 works quickly to deactivate, dissolve and remove the salt film, thus extending the usable life of any surface exposed to salt.

Buster50 Super Concentrate is a cleaner that not only removes mild to medium soils, grease, oil and hydrocarbons but also removes even the harshest of salt build-up. Use Buster50 on your boats, vehicles, shipboard equipment, clothing, etc anywhere salt is a problem!

Buster50 will not only clean but also put on a protective coating to stop salt corrosion. Buster50 is not oil based, so it does not attract sand and grit. It destroys harmful salt while removing dirt and grease without harsh scrubbing.

About Buster50           
  • Strips Away Salt / Rust
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Economical
  • One Step Process
  • As Used by the Military
  • Saves You Money
  • Extends Usable Life
  • Removes Stubborn Salt
  • Leaves a Salt-free Result
  • Supercharged SALT-X


  • Boats & Inflatables
  • Life Jackets
  • Wetsuits etc
  • Clears / Covers / Decks
  • Jetski's
  • Sails / Gortex / Clothing
  • Windows
  • 4 x 4s & Cars
  • SCUBA BCD's etc
  • Machinery



Buster50 can be used on cars, trucks, 4x4’s, boats, motorbikes, yachts, aluminium, plastics and rubbers. It can be sprayed on by using a pressure pack garden pump to get into all the hard to get at places.

To clean your boat, firstly hose over with clean water just enough to dampen the surface. Mix up Buster50 in a bucket, ratio of 8 to 1. Broom over entire area, let set for 5 minutes before hosing off.

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