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Salt-X is an environmentally safe salt neutralizer and protectant. It is very effective at reducing corrosion caused by salt that with regular use you can add years of additional life and reliable service to any item that is exposed to the salt environment. Salt-X is safe to use and will not harm any part of your gear and is effective enough to flush out marine cooling systems to remove salt buildup.

  Flush your Jet Ski, Rescue Water Craft with Salt-X

  Sponge out your Rescue Helicopter
with Salt-X

Spray Engines down after
Washing and Flushing

You will be able to find a multitude of uses for this product if you are on the water, work in and around the water, or live by the sea and have problems with salt water.


Mix up Salt-X in a bucket or like container and soak items for 5 to 20 minutes for regular maintenance or overnight for built up of corrosion. A slightly stronger mix can be made to deal with very heavy build up. Fishing Equipment & SCUBA Repair Technicians can use Salt-X as part of their service routine.

You can soak any of the following items:

Reels, Lures, Knives, Scuba Regulators, Camera Housings, Boat Fittings, Outboard Engine Components, Handheld Marine Radio.

In fact, any small items off your Yacht, Jetski, Powerboat, RWC, IRB, SCUBA Gear can be soaked using Salt-X.

If it has been exposed to salt or is going to be you can use Salt-X.


Using either a small spray bottle or a pressure garden spray Salt-X can be applied very effectively and efficiently to items as small as Lures and Reels or a complete boat.

Have a spray bottle handy to spray down your lures and reels to dissolve harmful salt crystals after use. NOTE: Salt-X is water soluble and the Salt-X dissipates when the lure goes back into the water, no residue to stop fish biting. Spraying Salt-X in your tool box is very effective for controlling rust and one nice feature is your tools are not all oily.

Spray Salt-X under your engine cowling and around the engine bay to control salt build up and corrosion.

Salt-X can be applied to the complete vessel which will control salt build up in all areas of your boat. Your trailer can be applied with Salt-X to extend the serviceable life of the trailer and we mean your winch, cables, rollers and all items that come into contact with salt.

When applying Salt-X make sure you wet the surface and then allow to air dry which leaves a protective coating further protecting the item.


The Auto-Mix unit is ideal for flushing your outboard motor and delivering the metered mix out of your hose. This unit screws into standard garden hose fittings and with the use of a trigger spray your can treat you assets efficiently and economically .

Tech Notes

Hate cleaning your fishing gear: The solution is at hand.

Salt build-up is the mortal enemy of your salt-water fishing tackle. From reels to lures, if salt is not effectively removed, it will ultimately cause damage and either cost you money in repairs or worse still, loose the big one.

Salt-X is a non-toxic, water-soluble compound that has the unique ability to protect your tackle by de-activating, dissolving and removing the salt build-up on your gear. When left to dry, Salt-X, a clear non-oily coating remains on the surface to protect your gear from further damage.

A light coating applied by a trigger spray is all that is required to keep your equipment in top condition. Should your tackle already show the signs of salt build-up an overnight soak in a 20:1 solution of Salt-X and water will remove the undesired corrosion. When soaking your reel we suggest you tighten up your drag before soaking and when removed loosen the drag and allow plenty of time for your reel to dry.

Salt-X is safe to use on hooks, lures, line and as the boys from the Straddie Classic Fishing Comp. said, it works a treat to stop salt build-up on your sunnies.

Salt-X has many other applications, one of which is flushing your cooling systems on your outboard, but that is another story.

Salt-X is available in ready to use trigger sprays or in a 1lt Concentrate.

Keep salt corrosion out of your cooling systems: Salt-X it!

We all know that salt left unchecked in our cooling galleries will eventually reek havoc.

The solution is to remove the salt build-up, but how? The Americans have had the solution since 1986!

Salt-X, a unique, non-toxic, environmentally safe compound that when pumped into the raw water cooling galleries of a marine engine will de-activate, dissolve and remove the salt build-up. This will reduce expensive repairs caused by corrosion; the engine will operate at the correct temperature, meaning less long-term wear.

To run Salt-X through an outboard the most cost effective method is to use the brass auto-mix unit available from Salt-X. Fit to your muffs or run through the back flush fitting on most new outboards. Adding the Salt-X at the end of the flushing cycle will allow the solution to remain in the galleries to effectively remove salt build-up and prevent further corrosion.

The most attractive feature of Salt-X is the cost. To flush outboards under 90hp the cost is as little as $1.20 per treatment, and for larger outboards about $2.20 per application. To get the best value from Salt-X you only need flush periodically. Should you be running your boat for the weekend, flush on Sunday prior to putting your boat away. For commercial operators and people that use their boats more frequently, simply flush once a week to remove salt build-up and stop corrosion.

Salt-X is very effective for heat exchange units. Salt-X is that effective, it can be added to salt water to stop salt build-up and rust, just think about that for a minute.

Salt-X will not re-act with rubber, gaskets or other non-metal components in your cooling system and being a non-petroleum product it is safe to use in marinas and on the water.

You are probably thinking that Salt-X has huge applications around the marine environment and you would be right, but that is another story.

Salt-X Concentrate is available in 1lt, 4lt and 10lt sizes.




The photos are of a Mercury outboard at the 300 hour service. Note there is no pitting or corrosion even where the paint has failed the alloy is still undamaged. The white speckling is sand grit. This engine was on "Absolute Won" our charter vessel which was sold in prime condition after 3 years work.

"Absolute Won" with divers crossing Moreton Bay.

Salt Corrosion: NOW A THING OF THE PAST!


There are many views and ideas about the best method to keep the SCUBA gear free of corrosive salts.

Some divers use warm water, overnight soaking, a cup of vinegar in the bucket of water, wetsuit wash, some partially effective, others a waste of time.

It is scientific fact that water cannot remove salt effectively from most surfaces.

The solution for removing salt has been around for over 20 years. This product is the single most effective “Equipment Corrosion Management System” available today. Salt-X, developed in 1986 in the USA. The product is water soluble and non-toxic. Salt-X will not harm any part of your Diving Equipment, BCD’s, Camera Housings, Computers, etc.

After 20 years professional involvement in the diving industry and 15 years as a service technician I have found NO other product that rivals SALT-X. I have found it excellent on anything that goes in or near salt water.

The other fantastic feature of SALT-X is, it will keep once the concentrate is made up meaning you can use it several times before you need to discard the solution. By the way, 1 litre of concentrate makes up 35 litres of usable solution.

The following is our SALT-X maintenance procedure for the centres hire equipment and this simple process keeps the gear in pristine condition.

We use a 60 litre plastic drum with a lid, pre-mixed with SALT-X at 70:1. When equipment returns from hire, the regulators and inflator assemblies go into the drum for between 5 and 20 minutes. The gear is then removed, and hung up to dry. Yes, that is it. SALT-X effectively removes salt from any surface and once dry, a fine protective coating remains on the surfaces until the gear goes out on hire. No rinsing is required and this product is environmentally safe.

For equipment that has, corrosion build-up we have found that a 20:1 solution, with an overnight soaks is all that is required to remove the salt build-up. Inspect your gear and if clean remove or return to the solution for a further soak.

Once the equipment is clean and free of corrosion, a regular dip after each dive trip will keep your valuable diving gear in tiptop condition.

Yes, you do need to have your equipment serviced regularly. Salt-X will ensure that each time you go diving your equipment will perform well and there will be no damage caused by salt water.

A simple, one-step, low cost process that will give you piece of mind knowing your equipment will not suffer from salt corrosion.



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